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We are a non-profit organization who promotes responsible wolfdog ownership by providing educational programs on the importance of preserving wolves in the wild, and overseeing the rescue and safe sanctuary for wolfdogs that have been neglected, abandoned, or otherwise displaced.

What’s new?

03/3/2017 | Paint Night Fundraiser! 


We are happy to announce that Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary will be hosting a Paint Night at Raw Canvas in Kensington! Come enjoy a fun night of painting with an instructor, food, drinks and socialization. All proceeds will be going towards expanding the sanctuary for further rescue. You can find more details about the event and how to purchase tickets here!

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Thanks to the donations we receive, we are able to carry out rescue missions like the Milk River Wolfdog Rescue and provide wolfdogs with the care they need to be rehabilitated and rehomed.

Every donation helps feed, care for, transport, and rehome an adoptable wolfdog—or gives a high-content wolfdog a permanent home at our sanctuary.

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Gain a better understanding about wild wolves and their importance in the natural environment by interacting with our wolfdogs at the sanctuary. Enjoy photo opportunities and educational talks.

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