Wolfdogs for Adoption

Kurt and Goldie- Available for Adoption!

Hi! We are Kurt and Goldie! Yes, we are named after one of the most iconic and long lasting couples in Hollywood, Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn. We are senior, low content wolfdogs believed to be around 12 years old, and looking for the perfect place to spend the rest of our golden years! Since we are deeply in love, we are a package deal and prefer not to be apart. The Yamnuska Team doesn’t know a whole lot about our upbringing and being seniors we can’t quite remember either! We are exceptionally friendly and affectionate though, but are also very low key as long as we are together. Our perfect home to spend our retirement years would include the following: 
-An acreage that includes a securely fenced in area with a minimum pf 6 foot fencing and dig guards. We are not city folk! 
-Outdoor shelter as we love to cuddle up together and are outdoor dogs! Though we are very affectionate, we would prefer to be outdoors. 
-A dog savvy home with no young kids. 12 years or older would be okay. Kurt does have some vision issues and can get overwhelmed. 
-Someone who understands we are seniors and we may need more frequent vet visits. 

Do you think you would be able to give us the retirement home we’ve always dreamed of? Fill out an application here!

*Courtesy Post* Faolan- Available for Adoption

Hi! My name is Faolan, I’m a 4-year-old neutered male low content wolfdog (embarked at 37%). First thing you should know about me is I LOVE my people, so much so that I find it difficult to be apart from you. I need someone who works from home or is there the majority of the day as I can only be by myself for a few hours but over time with another doggy companion I might be happier to be apart from you longer.   

I really enjoy meeting people and other dogs when out on my walks and very much appreciate it if they do so in a calm manner as sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed. When walking around the neighborhood my favorite thing to do is to meet everybody I see to get pets and give kisses. I’m not sure why, but a lot of male dogs don’t like me so I can sometimes become a little defensive around them but boy do I love the ladies! A lot of people call me the ladies’ man.  
As a typical northern breed/wolfdog I am a very good digger! So to keep me safe I need a proper fenced enclosure with dig guards otherwise my adventurous side will come out. Lots of enrichment goodies to keep my mind occupied would be greatly appreciated otherwise I can also become quite the destructive guy.  I also grew up with a kitty but need constant supervision around them just in case.

I’m also a very big boy, about 110lbs and would love somewhere with a lot of space for me to play and run around. I enjoy being inside as well as outdoors (although I really don’t like the rain). Due to my size I cannot be around small kids and I can be quite mouthy to get attention.  

I’m hoping my perfect home is out there who can dedicate the specialized care and attention I require; 

·       Someone who works from home or is around most of the day 

·       Has knowledge and experience with wolfdogs or northern breeds 

·       Has some land with escape-proof fencing (min 6ft with dig-guards) 

·       Able to read and understand canine body language and is comfortable dealing with reactivity issues using only positive reinforcement 

·       Has a female dog or would be willing to get him a female companion to help with his separation anxiety 

·       Really believes and treats their animals like family

If you are interested in adopting Faolan, please fill out an adoption application here!