Sanctuary Rules

As a reminder, you are visiting a wolfdog sanctuary, not a zoo. Many of our rescued wolfdogs have had negative experiences with humans prior to arriving at the sanctuary and therefore can be quite fearful of certain smells, sounds, and objects. The wolfdogs are much more sensitive than regular dogs and therefore the following rules must be followed to ensure your visit to the sanctuary does not disrupt the wolfdogs.

COVID-19 Rules and Instructions for your visit!

-Please practice physical distancing while onsite.
-If you are sick or not feeling well, do not visit the Sanctuary.
-Masks are mandatory both inside and outside.
-Please use the provided hand sanitizer upon entry and exit into the Sanctuary.
-Please ensure you are prepared for the weather for your visit as we have minimal indoor space at this time due to the enforcement of capacities.
-Our Gift Shop is open! We have capacities in place to ensure everyone’s safety and require all guests to sanitize their hands upon entry.
-Bring your camera! The wolfdogs enjoy modeling their beautiful long legs for our guests.
-If you are joining us for our Interactive Tour, please ensure you are leaving any bags or loose items in your vehicle as we are unable to store them at this time

Below are some general Sanctuary Rules that all visitors must follow:

Absolutely NO DOGS are permitted on the sanctuary grounds at any time (this includes the parking lot). The wolfdogs are extremely sensitive to other canids, therefore bringing your dog (even in your car) is extremely disruptive to the animals living at the sanctuary. If we see a dog in your vehicle we will immediately call Cochrane Animal Control to have the dog removed.

Absolutely NO SMOKING permitted on the sanctuary grounds (this includes the parking lot). This poses a major fire risk to the sanctuary as well as also being very irritating for the wolfdogs sensitive olfactory senses. Smoking can be done prior to arriving or after departing the sanctuary grounds.

Children are not allowed to run, wander, or behave loudly on the sanctuary grounds. In order to ensure a stress free environment for the wolfdogs, children must be monitored at all times and kept close by. Any parent or child not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately. Check Tour Descriptions for age requirements. Minimum age requirement to visit the Sanctuary is 6 years old!

Loud or unruly behaviour towards the wolfdogs will not be tolerated. Visitors must not whistle, call or otherwise heckle the wolfdogs. Visitors must be respectful of the wolfdogs and the facility at all times (i.e. do not throw things into the enclosures, do not climb over fences, do not go through restricted areas). Anyone found not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately.

Winter Dress Code:

Summer Dress Code: