Wolfdogs for Adoption

Kayo: Mid Content Wolfdog

Hi! My name is Kayo and I am a 2 ½ year old mid-content wolfdog. I am currently searching for my forever home! Because I am a mid-content wolfdog, I will require a home that has had previous wolfdog experience. Ideally, I would like to live outside of a city and have space to run around, but I will need proper containment. I am used to being indoors but I can be destructive when left unsupervised. I love other dogs however, I do prefer females as I am quite the ladies man! I can be a bit more selective about male dogs and I prefer to be the more dominant male. My previous owner used to take me for lots of hikes in the mountains, and I am hoping my new owner will do the same, as this is one of my favourite things to do! A suitable home for me would not have any young kids as I am a big boy and might accidentally knock them over. I also am not a fan of sharing high value items so a home that understands resource guarding is a must. I like to have my space when I am eating my food or chewing on a bone and I can get very upset if this boundary is not respected. I am very friendly and affectionate with people and am overall a confident boy! I can’t wait to meet my new family! If you are interested in adopting me please fill out an application here

Mawko: Low Content Wolfdog

Hey! I’m Mawko (pronounce mah-co) and I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I am a 4-year-old low content wolfdog and a bundle of energy! I am not shy like most wolfdogs and I enjoy meeting lots of different people! My previous owner worked really hard on socializing me and it has really paid off. We used to go for lots of hikes and meet other dogs and people and it was always so much fun! I am hoping my new family will be able to do this with me as well. I am known to be a bit of an escape artist…some might even say a master escape artist!  I am quite petite which makes it easy for me to squeeze out under a hole I’ve dug or even scale myself over fencing. Life is an adventure and I just want to explore! I did live in a house with my previous family and I am comfortable being indoors. It would be best if I had a space where I could hangout when I am not being supervised though. When my previous owner used to leave for work, I would hang out in the basement as I can be destructive if I have free range of the whole house! I do love other dogs and would love to have a brother or sister to keep me company! Though I am more easygoing than most wolfdogs, I still have some “wolfy” challenges such as resource guarding high value items and a very high prey drive. Due to my prey drive, cats and other small animals are a no go in my new home. I am not much of a city girl so I would prefer to live outside of the city where I have lots of space to run! I hope we can meet soon and start our life together. Fill out an application here! Love, Mawko