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Who We Are

Georgina De Caigny and Andi Scheibenstock founded Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary in June 2011 to primarily educate people about responsible wolfdog ownership and dispel the many myths surrounding wolves and wolfdogs.  As wolfdogs are becoming more popular in Canada, there is a greater need for a knowledgeable and experienced rescue organization that can rehabilitate and rehome displaced wolfdogs, as well as provide educational programs to people regarding wolves and wolfdogs.


Georgina graduated from the University of Calgary with a Civil Engineering degree; however her true goal is to pursue her passion for animal rescue. Her passion for wolfdogs began after working at a sled dog kennel near Canmore that housed various wolfdogs. She obtained her first wolfdog, Kuna in July 2009 and her life would never be the same again. Growing up near the Stoney Reserve, Georgina was also heavily involved in rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs. It was this love of helping stray animals and her experiences raising and living with Kuna that inspired her to create a safe haven for displaced wolfdogs and stand up against the myths surrounding wolfdogs.


Andi is currently a physician in Cranbrook, BC. She has been rescuing animals for many years, and is actively involved in the community regarding animal welfare. Her first wolfdog was adopted from a sled dog kennel that had taken her in after her original owners no longer wanted her. It was this relationship with her wolfdog, Artimus that motivated her to help future wolfdogs in need. By helping found the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, Andi is able to fulfill her dream of setting up an organization that would be able to have an impact on the welfare of wolfdogs for many years to come.