There is a lot of misinformation that surrounds wolfdogs. Our mission as an organization is to not only rescue wolfdogs, but to also educate and spread awareness on the topic. Below are some helpful resources about wolfdogs and the challenges of ownership. Please consider this before getting a wolfdog as a pet!

Wolfdog Ownership

Owning a wolfdog is a huge commitment and is not for the faint of heart! Wolfdog ownership requires a specific set of skills and understanding of canine behaviour, and the willingness to make many sacrifices in your own life for the benefit of the wolfdog.

Learn more about some of the unique challenges that come with wolfdog ownership, and also come to a better understanding as to why many wolfdogs are not suitable as pets. 

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Phenotyping is the process of assessing the physical, behavioural and biological traits to determine an estimation of how much wolf content is present in a wolfdog. Wolfdogs are put in the category of low, mid and high content, which represents the amount of wolf content.

Learn more about the process of Phenotyping and about the difference and similarities of wolves and dogs, as well as why DNA tests are often unreliable.

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Did you know that on average roughly 9 out of 10 wolfdogs are misrepresented? This can either mean that they have less wolf content than claimed, or they don’t have any wolf content whatsoever. This can be very dangerous for many canines and can result in euthanasia.

Learn more about the tell-tale signs of misrepresentation and how you can do your part to put an end to wolfdog misrepresentation!

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